Limited Super Deluxe

This Super Deluxe Collector’s Edition includes 3 heavyweight vinyl discs, 2 CDs with 5 previously unreleased tracks, limited edition DVD featuring 20 videos, ,a collectors’ poster, lithos and much more.

Here are Kim Thayil’s original liner notes:

“Hey kids and other fuckers, not the motherfuckers. Thank you for checking out this collection of Soundgarden classics – an endorsed retrospective of our singles career, augmented with some deeper album tracks that were always fan favorites even when they seemed not to be radio or video friendly.

These songs were embraced by the band and its peers, and ruled live while often being outwardly hostile toward broadcast sensibilities even given our success in the field. Our punk/metal tendencies won and alienated fans, even while these genres were finding their natural cultural seat. You, the courageous few, grew into a loyal and supportive audience. For you this album collects our most fan friendly songs along with what we regard as strong album tracks that garnered the greatest screams during our lengthy history.

The first seven tracks contain the impressive and unique work of founding bassist Hiro Yamamoto. Also included is an early track from the Deep Six compilation, featuring Soundgarden’s pre-touring drummer Scott Sundquist. Selections from both Sub-Pop EPs (constituting our first album) and our actual album debut Ultramega OK are included herein. We tapped our singles discography along with some live performances that were a blast to play for an experienced audience!

“Birth Ritual” which was from the Singles movie soundtrack has never before appeared on a Soundgarden record. Live versions of “Get On The Snake,” “Jesus Christ Pose,” “Pretty Noose” and “Blow Up The Outside World” are rare and prized by the band. ‘Snake’ from the promotional only Louder Than Live EP features bassist Jason Everman performing at the Whiskey A Go-Go in Los Angeles. Jason is also present on the bonus DVD, performing “Loud Love” and “Hands All Over.” The audio tracks are from the “Louder Than Love” album which had the bass provided by Hiro Yamamoto. The version of “Room A Thousand Years Wide” included here is the Sub-Pop single that preceded the Badmotorfinger track that we all know and love. This original recording is the debut of bass megataur Ben Shepherd.

We also included “Flower” from our BBC sessions, the one original that was recorded during the John Peel sessions. Never has this been issued by Soundgarden in the U.S. or elsewhere.

“Hunted Down,” “Fopp,” “My Wave” and “Room” are singles that were not included on the album, A-Sides. “Superunknown” was a quasi-single that generated an experimental/test video that aired on MTV. It featured CGI animation and is completely dated by today’s standards. We included it on the album and I felt that it was an important reference along with our near complete video singles history to also include with the limited edition bonus DVD.

“Black Rain” is a gem circa Badmotorfinger that was never completed during that session. It had been forgotten and almost lost until it was retrieved, re-arranged and finished by the newly attentive band along with an always allegiant set of producers; Terry Date, Stuart Hallerman and most actively Adam Kasper.

I can’t begin to tell you how significant that the ironic howl of “Big Dumb Sex” was as both the charm and bane of our early shows. Along with “Beyond the Wheel” and “Slaves and Bulldozers,” this comprised a very heavy and satisfying set of songs that left you, our audience, wondering whether to chant with us or at us. Either way, we knew that you were engaged and that you would catch on. For those that didn’t, well, we never were suited for the disposition of old women, mamma’s boys, and weak-minded men.

Digression and aggression aside, this is almost the ultimate collection of Soundgarden must haves and might have missed!

The special bonus surprise at the bottom of the cereal box is the very long time coming DVD. This is an almost complete collection of the video singles, plus some alternate edits, versions for international markets and the fainthearted. The alternate versions are somewhat self-explanatory. The tender minded of us in various markets were patronized accordingly. Why is this not a complete collection of promo videos? Because, there are a few that were difficult to collect and master for the production quality that we would require. We are sure that the quality that you as a fan would require would be at least equal to if not greater than what we could currently provide.

I am sure that this will provide a thorough overview of the band’s hits as well as some album tracks that have been live favorites and door/speaker blowers.

Thank you for your lengthy and voluminous patience! It will continue to be rewarded!

Always and alongside,
Kim Thayil

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